Legal Services

Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy & Simple Wills Consultation: First Wednesday of Every Month. Free - Did you know that the Attleboro Council on Aging offers free consultations about creating wills and arranging for healthcare proxies? Meet with Attleboro Attorney Carolyn Blake-Dibbert here at the Senior Center for a free consultation to discuss your particular circumstances and needs. By appointment only. Please call 774-203-1906 to schedule an appointment. Held at the Larson Center, 25 S. Main Street, Attleboro.

South Coastal Counties Legal Services, Inc. offers legal assistance to Attleboro seniors: Third Friday of Every Month. Free - By appointment only. Currently this program is offered through video only. (The Larson Center oversees all technology needs.) Consultation topics include Public Benefits (Social Security, Supplemental Security income, cash assistance, food stamps, etc.); Housing (landlord/tenant problems in private & public housing, especially evictions); Health/Health Insurance/Long Term Care (Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance & institutional care); Document Preparation (Power of Attorney wills for homebound & institutionalized seniors in emergency situations). For other legal problems, a referral may be made to a private attorney. Held at the Larson Center, 25 S. Main Street, Attleboro. Call 774-203-1904 to reserve your appointment tim